How To Clean Diamond Rings At Home

Welcome to N.T. Ferro Jewelers, where tradition, craftsmanship, and personalized service come together to create exquisite jewelry pieces since 1947. As a family-owned business rooted in a rich history of fine jewelry making, we take pride in offering a range of beautiful and unique pieces that reflect our commitment to quality and excellence. In this guide, we'll explore how to clean diamond rings at home, ensuring your treasured pieces remain as stunning as the day you received them.

How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Cleaning diamond rings at home is a simple yet important task that can help maintain their sparkle and beauty. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your diamond ring but also helps prevent dirt and grime from building up. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your diamond rings at home:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: Before you begin, gather all the necessary supplies. You'll need a bowl, mild dish soap, a soft-bristled toothbrush, a lint-free cloth, and warm water.
  2. Prepare the Cleaning Solution: Fill the bowl with warm water and add a small amount of mild dish soap. Mix the solution gently to create a soapy mixture.
  3. Soak the Ring: Place your diamond ring in the bowl and let it soak for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or debris stuck to the ring.
  4. Scrub Gently: After soaking, take the soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrub the diamond and the setting. Be careful not to scrub too hard, especially if your ring has delicate settings.
  5. Rinse Thoroughly: Once you've finished scrubbing, rinse the ring under warm running water to remove any remaining soap residue.
  6. Dry and Polish: Use a lint-free cloth to dry your ring thoroughly. You can also gently polish the diamond with the cloth to restore its sparkle.
  7. Optional: Steam Cleaning or Ultrasonic Cleaner: If you have a steam cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaner specifically designed for jewelry, you can use it to give your diamond ring a more thorough cleaning. However, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  8. Regular Maintenance: To keep your diamond ring looking its best, it's a good idea to clean it regularly. A simple soak and gentle scrub every few weeks can help maintain its shine.

Cleaning your diamond ring at home is a straightforward process that can help keep it looking beautiful for years to come. By following these steps and taking care of your ring, you can ensure that it continues to sparkle and shine as brightly as the day you first received it.

How to Clean the Setting of Your Diamond Ring

Cleaning the setting of your diamond ring is just as important as cleaning the diamond itself. The setting can accumulate dirt, oils, and debris over time, affecting the overall appearance of your ring. Here's how you can clean the setting of your diamond ring:

  1. Inspect the Setting: Before cleaning, inspect the setting carefully to ensure that all stones are secure. If you notice any loose stones or damage to the setting, it's best to take your ring to a jeweler for repair before cleaning.
  2. Prepare a Cleaning Solution: Create a gentle cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage the metal or stones.
  3. Soak the Ring: Place the ring in the cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes to loosen any dirt or debris. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the setting, paying attention to areas where dirt may be trapped.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the ring under warm running water to remove any soap residue. Be sure to rinse the setting thoroughly to ensure that all dirt and debris are removed.
  5. Dry and Polish: Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the ring thoroughly. You can also use the cloth to gently polish the setting, restoring its shine.
  6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning the setting, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage the metal or stones. Stick to mild dish soap and warm water for the best results.
  7. Regular Maintenance: To keep your ring looking its best, clean the setting regularly. A gentle scrub with a soft brush and mild soap every few weeks can help prevent dirt buildup and keep your ring sparkling.

By taking the time to clean the setting of your diamond ring, you can ensure that it remains beautiful and lustrous for years to come. Regular maintenance and care will help preserve the beauty of your ring and keep it looking its best.

Special Considerations

When cleaning diamond rings, it's important to consider the materials and settings to ensure you don't damage the jewelry. Here are some special considerations:

  1. Metal Settings: Different metals require different cleaning methods. For example, while gold and platinum are durable and can withstand more aggressive cleaning, other metals like silver may tarnish or scratch easily.
  2. Gemstone Settings: If your diamond ring has other gemstones besides diamonds, be mindful of their cleaning requirements. Some gemstones are more delicate and may require gentler cleaning methods.
  3. Pave or Micropave Settings: Rings with pave or micropave settings have tiny diamonds set closely together. These settings require extra care to avoid loosening or dislodging the stones during cleaning. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean these areas gently.
  4. Filigree or Intricate Settings: Rings with intricate designs or filigree work may have areas that are difficult to clean. A soft brush or cloth can help reach these areas, but be gentle to avoid damaging the detailing.
  5. Antique or Vintage Rings: Antique or vintage diamond rings may have delicate settings or stones. Consult a professional jeweler for advice on how to safely clean these pieces without causing damage.
  6. Colored Diamonds: If your diamond is a fancy colored diamond, such as a yellow or pink diamond, be cautious with the cleaning solution. Some solutions may affect the color of these diamonds. Stick to gentle cleaning methods and avoid harsh chemicals.
  7. Diamond Coatings: Some diamonds may have coatings to enhance their color or clarity. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods can damage these coatings. Use mild cleaners and gentle techniques to avoid harming the diamond's surface.

Always refer to the manufacturer's or jeweler's recommendations for cleaning your specific diamond ring, especially if it has unique features or materials. If in doubt, seek professional cleaning services to ensure the safety and longevity of your precious jewelry.


Keeping your diamond rings clean and sparkling is a simple yet essential part of maintaining their beauty and brilliance. With the tips and techniques shared here, you can confidently clean your rings at home, knowing that you're preserving their value and ensuring they continue to shine for years to come. Remember, for all your jewelry needs, you can trust N.T. Ferro Jewelers to provide exceptional service, unmatched craftsmanship, and a personalized touch that sets us apart.